A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers

About Authentic Beef

About Authentic Beef: Cruelty-free, sustainable beef

Authentic Beef is all about making connections between cattlemen and women who care deeply about the cattle they raise and the exceptional quality beef they produce with people that value knowing who their beef comes from.

Authentic Beef started with providing beef from our cowherd several years ago to people that wanted to “know who raised their beef and how it was raised”. Authentic Beef is beef from cattle that are raised, grazed, fed and cared for by ranchers who want to “sign their name” to the beef they produce. It is for people who want to know where their food comes from and who the ranchers and butchers are that raised, cared for and prepared the beef that they serve to their family.  Authentic Beef provides the assurance of knowing who is caring for the cattle, that they are cared for well, and that the meat handling is done in a manner that is right for the animal, safe for the butcher cutting the meat, and insures safe food for people eating the beef.  Authentic Beef ranchers, master butchers and beef lovers all genuinely desire this connection.

The ranchers who raise Authentic Beef are cattlemen and women who genuinely want to be identified with the beef they produce.

The beef from these ranchers is more accurately described as a piece of art than a commodity. Though they must manage their ranch by the reality that it is a business, they have a true passion for providing quality beef for others to enjoy and see it as a “gift” that they have taken great efforts in producing to provide to those who appreciate high quality beef produced well. They are committed to excellent stewardship of the resources that they have been blessed to manage, including the land, water, air, and most certainly the cattle they care for. They are knowledgeable animal scientists who also have a deep commitment to traditional animal husbandry in the way they care for their cattle. These authentic cattle men and women are who Authentic Beef connects with people that want to know who produces their beef.

The master butchers who process Authentic Beef are women and men who genuinely want to be identified with the beef they handle and prepare.

These master meat cutters are craftsmen in every sense of the word. They love their craft and the people they serve. They are small businessmen and women who manage demanding complex businesses, but they are also passionate about the beef they prepare. Like the Authentic Beef rancher, the beef that leaves their butcher block is more accurately described as a piece of art than as a commodity. They are the vital link between the Authentic Beef rancher and the beef loving consumer who wants the assurance of safe food, carefully handled and presented in a pleasing manner for an enjoyable eating experience. These authentic butchers are who Authentic Beef connects with people that want to know who processes their beef.

The beef consumers who enjoy Authentic Beef are men and women that want to know who the rancher is that raised the cattle and who the butcher is that cut and wrapped the beef they eat.

The people who want Authentic Beef are beef gourmet’s who enjoy selecting, preparing, cooking and eating high quality beef, and in addition they want to have a connection to the source of their food. They want to know who is caring for the cattle, and that they are cared for well. They want the assurance that the cattle are raised in a manner that is sustainable for both the environment and the people and businesses that provide them with the beef for their table. They want this connection along with a greater understanding and dialogue of how their beef is produced. Authentic Beef connects authentic people to the authentic ranchers and butchers that provide their beef.

Making the connection

We are also blessed with a unique opportunity to help connect people to the ranchers who raise their beef. The experiences that I have had as a veterinarian and beef producer over the last 30 years have resulted in new perspectives and an understanding of how high quality, flavorful beef can be provided to people who genuinely want a connection with the rancher who raises their beef and the butcher who processes their food. Mike is a husband, father, veterinarian and beef producer. Shannon is a wife, mother and teacher. We have had the opportunity to care for cattle, to build relationships with ranchers whose passion and livelihood are raising cattle and producing beef, and to develop relationships with master butchers whose passion is hand crafting that beef. The great opportunity that we have now is to serve people who enjoy eating beef, and the ranchers who raise beef, by helping to connect them to each other.

Simply put, Authentic Beef is all about meaningful connections between cattlemen and women who care deeply about providing exceptional beef for others to enjoy, and the people who value knowing who raises their beef.


Mike and Shannon Nichols

Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Shannon Nichols

Ranchers who desire to be identified with the beef they produce

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CrossBar W Ranch - Wayne, Oklahoma

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Roman, Master Butcher at Clint & Sons – White Deer, Texas

Master butchers who desire to be identified with the beef they craft

Consumers that want to know who raised and processed the beef they eat and that the animals were cared for well

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