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Rancher's Personal Reserve Offerings

• Authentic Beef is currently only available for delivery to customers in Texas.

• Authentic Beef is available for purchase on this website for home delivery.

• Authentic Beef is quick-frozen to preserve the maximum flavor and nutritional value.

• All Authentic Beef Offerings are Vacuum Packed and Sealed unless noted differently.

• All Authentic Beef steaks and roasts are packed with 1 per package unless noted differently.

• All Authentic Beef offerings are sold by the package, not by weight. Weights noted are for reference to give an approximate amount of beef provided, however the weight will always be as much as is listed or more.

• Authentic Beef prices listed below are for the smallest package available for each offering. Some cuts of Authentic Beef are available as larger cuts or packages and priced accordingly on the order page for each individual offering.

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