A True Farm To Fork Connection From Real Texas Ranchers and Butchers

WHY? (again)

Why Authentic BeefI'm going back to "why".  Back to the beginning; and it probably won't be the last time because it is such an important question to answer.  We make the same beef available to the people we serve that we eat ourselves.  It feels good to know where your food comes from, and to know the person that raised it; and to know that they really care about the food they produce.  Kind of like going to a familiar little cafe in your hometown to eat breakfast where everyone knows you when you walk in and they all say good morning!......  and genuinely mean it.  We all wanna go where everybody knows our name.  Folks who value knowing where their food comes from can truly know the rancher that raised the beef they eat, because every rancher places their brand on every steak they produce.  You can know who raised your food, and that it was raised the right way by ranchers that really care.  That, very simply is what Authentic Beef is all about.

~Mike and Shannon